Some Long Form Interviews:

Whirl/ Photo Lee Tondrow
Whirl/ Photo Lee Towndrow

radio free canuckistan interview with M Mcadorey By Michael Barclay

Excerpted from radio free canuckistn Interview by Michael Barclay December 2015:

” Michelle McAdorey, best known to Canadian music fans as the enigmatic singer of Crash Vegas (1988-1996), returns after a 12-year absence with a new solo album, the eighth in her overall discography, called Into Her Future. It reunites her with old friend and collaborator Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo, who helped her adapt a cappella lullabies into a full-band, countrified psychedelic pop record that—not coincidentally—most recalls Crash Vegas’s perfect 1989 debut, Red Earth.

McAdorey was unlike any other female frontperson back in the day: she wasn’t a quiet folkie (though she did that very well), she wasn’t a grungy rock chick (though she could also do that very well), she wasn’t the flighty artsy girl (she would become that later). She was all of that and much more: she was bold, mysterious, captivating and just as captivating as peers like Gord Downie, to whom she should be rightly compared, as opposed to just her female peers…..”

Wavelength Interview

Excerpted from Wavelength Interview by Joe Strutt March 18/2013:

“The music industry has been totally turned upside-down in the last decade and change. Now we can find your songs on soundcloud, keep up with you on Facebook, etc. but at the same time there’s a lot more other voices competing to be heard, and getting fairly compensated for making music isn’t easy. Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic to be putting music out into this landscape?

Don’t think I am either of these – optimistic or pessimistic – in terms of putting music out. Writing songs, making records and playing is something I love to do and need to do. Ultimately I would like to thrive doing what I love to do – like so many people. Is it possible? Ultimately it comes down to good people, good relationships, and a good home to help put out the full-length LP. It seems to me that it is the day-to-day that counts and who you spend your time with that matters. So that’s about as far as I can take it in my mind.”