LPfront-p1a7qhm3posra1cj61sg11eff1htj  Into Her Future is the new LP by Toronto singer-songwriter Michelle McAdorey,released on October 30/2015 via DWR and is available on LP and CD as well as digitallyThe first new music from McAdorey in over ten years, these nine songs address the nature and importance of love as a guiding and crucial force in the world. The love for a child, the love of nature and the earth, and the way love travels through time, linking the past to the present and indeed into the future.

The first single from the album is ‘Disappearing Things’ which speaks to the audacity of love. “The song was, in part, inspired by an interview I heard with a First Nations chief speaking about what was happening in Fort Chipewyan,” says McAdorey. “He was talking about the impact of the Tar Sands, the largest Industrial disaster on the globe happening in Northern Canada that is affecting our water and climate, and changing the environment. He described what he was seeing; the pollution, mutated fish, and sickness, and he said ‘All water comes together in the end’. He also spoke of his deep love for the earth, for all creatures, saying that when you really love, you must be ready to stand, no matter the turbulence, and how that takes great courage.”

Into Her Future was recorded over a period of two and half years with long-time collaborator and friend Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo), at his Lost Cause studio. “Michelle’s spirit has always been an inspiration to my own work”, says Keelor. “I have long been in awe of her strength and passion, not just as a singer but as a writer and an interpreter of feeling, which to me is the essence of great songs. I am thrilled to have been a part of this process.”


On Into Her Future

by Tamara Faith Berger 

“Michelle McAdorey has a new album. It’s a lush and righteous work of experience. Michelle McAdorey is a Canadian veteran –sooth-saying, voice burning, the lucid live wire, a conduit for the truths inside love.

Stay with me, McAdorey sings, Stay with me while I come to.

Into Her Future is Michelle McAdorey as a visionary at the height of her powers – she weighs life for all us stuck bastards and sad girls who cannot feel life and charts time for us too, all of us who fight time. From the promise of Two Tickets to the trembling of Line Across my Heart to the radical climax of The Remainder, this is an album of a woman walking into her future, someone who knows we have to live life going just one way in – we cannot fucking climb out the same way we fell in.

Into Her Future is Hendrix meets Feist meets British Isle Folk. Michelle McAdorey, our guide, sings a thrilling and elegant battle cry against the “measly little world” and the kind of man in it trying to prove he can’t be sold. She knows that it’s love and commotion that we’re born for. Michelle McAdorey’s new album settles the score. Light, shade and lust, the lucid live wire – the artist has been experienced.”

Song List :

Into Her Future

Disappearing Things

Run Into me Now

Culvert Jack

Two Tickets

Leave The Main Road

Line Across My Heart

Free and Ease

The Remainder

The Album was produced by Greg Keelor, engineered by James McKenty,and mastered by Joao Carvalho. The very fine musicians who play on Into Her Future with MM are: Chris Altmann, Mike Boguski, Greg Keelor, Taylor Knox, James McKenty, Anna Ruddick, Tom Street, and Graham Walsh.

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