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Press for Into Her Future

 Maclean’s Magazine The 2015 Maclean’s Missed It List

“…On Into Her Future, McAdorey rejoins her original writing partner, Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor, and dives deep into British folk, American psychedelic country, and their shared love of classic pop songwriting. Echoes of her voice can be found in newer artists like Feist, Emily Haines and Jennifer Castle, fans of whom will find much to love in this haunting, enchanting record….” Maclean’s 2015

Risky Fuel Aaron’s Top Albums from 2015

“…Into Her Future returns McAdorey to her rightful place among this country’s most beguiling voices….” Aaron Brophy

Exclaim!’s Top 10 Underrated Records 2015

“Smokey-voiced Crash Vegas singer Michelle McAdorey returned after a 12-year hiatus with a kick-ass psychedelic and poppy folk-rock album (inspired in part by British Isles folk) recorded painstakingly with Greg Keelor at his Lost Cause studio near Peterborough, ON. Her voice is as strong as ever, and these are tunes for our times.”
Sarah Greene

NOW MAGAZINE Top Toronto Albums of 2015

“We happily welcomed the former Crash Vegas singer’s return to music, especially after the strength of Into Her Future, an album inspired by British Isles folk music….” Now Magazine Staff

Radio Free Canuckistan: Top Records of 2015!

Radio Free Canuckistan Albums of 2015

 ” Michelle McAdorey – Into Her Future(DWR): One of the most underrated, nearly forgotten bands of the late ’80s and early ’90s is Crash Vegas, who put out three equally excellent and drastically different records during their time together. While guitarist Colin Cripps went on to play with Kathleen Edwards and Blue Rodeo (and now fronts the ace instrumental group C+C), singer Michelle McAdorey put out two understated, experimental folk records about 15 years ago and then retreated to raise a family. This comeback reunites her with Crash Vegas co-founder Greg Keelor; not surprisingly, it sounds similar to the 1989 debut, Red Earth, steeped in British folk rock and psychedelic country. “This life goes by like a fast wind,” she sings. Which is why it’s such a joy to have such a talent as hers blow back into our lives.” Michael Barclay

Said The Gramophone BEST SONGS OF 2015

“A voice high and wavering, a nod across the water to Isla St Clair and Sandy Denny. Taken from McAdorey’s first album in 12 years, “Two Tickets” has a sound more country than folk – except for that voice, all the reflections in it.”

Review – Into Her Future- Jadedandelated

“…McAdorey has delivered a stunner of a full length…all delivered with her gorgeous voice over pretty perfect instrumentation….A triumph of timeless sounds, Into Her Future belongs in yours.” Nicholas Friesen/ January/2016

Slow City 2015 Into Her Future

“…Although it has been a decade since we have heard new music from McAdorey she is far from a lost cause. Two tracks have been released including the title track, a plucky anglo-folk ballad carried on the twangs of a dove….” Will McGuirk

New Canadian Music Releases Into Her Future

“…This is a meticulously crafted yet still powerfully emotional gem of an album. The first single, “Disappearing Things,” has a slight Patti Smith vibe, while such songs as the title track and “Leave The Main Road” have a more mellow and wistful feel. Closing track “The Remainder” has a cinematic grandeur to it. The playing and Keelor’s sophisticated production here are first-rate, but it’s the purity of McAdorey’s voice and the poeticism of her songs that take centre stage….” Kerry Doole

Exclaim! Music – Review of Into Her Future

” …Vocals really shine through…perfect for a road trip off the beaten track.” Sarah Towle

Review of single “Disappearing Things” from Into Her Future by Kerry Doole

“…This is a real winner, and the powerful vibe and strong message of the track remind us a little of Patti Smith. McAdorey notes that “the song was, in part, inspired by an interview I heard with a First Nations chief speaking about what was happening in [environmental disaster area] Fort Chipewyan”….”